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Jane is celebrating her acceptance to the college of her dreams. Jane left home and lives with a roommate. Jane ask herself, "How can I do this? I have responsibilities to my roommate to pay my share of the bills".

Jane's Mom and Dad were not on board with her decision to chase "a ridiculous dream to dance". Mom yells, "You're smart! Become a lawyer like your Dad." Jane's decision to accept the college's invitation to attend is about to expire. Jane asks herself "Who can I talk to?"

Joe is 17 years old and starts his senior year of high school in the fall. Joe is faced with a decision. "Mom needs my help to pay bills. I know she's doing her best". Joe thinks long and hard. "I promised Dad I'd help take care of Mom. My brothers and sisters need me too. I'll drop out, at least for a little while."

Millions of boys and girls fail to graduate high school every year. Two major factors research shows are (1) Students do not have one significant mentor, (2) Student drop-outs work two to three jobs to contribute to their family income.


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