About CAsiRE Foundation Corporation


CAsiRE Foundation Corporation, the leading public, nonprofit corporation of its kind dedicated to provide tuition assistancescholarship, various internship opportunities, and programs leading to a successful college and vocational education

for many.  

CAsiRE Foundation through its strategic initiatives and resources empower individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.

At CAsiRE Foundation Corporation, we "Create Scholarship and Education Advantages through Strategic Funding Initiatives and utilize the best Resources for your job search and Empowerment."

  • Student scholarship recipients can access our resources, get tuition support, and gain the skills necessary to compete in today's job market. CAsiRE Foundation - your place for EMPOWERment before and during higher LEARNing.
  • Companies and Sponsors can establish Targeted Post-Secondary ScholarshipsContributing partners can secure value by specifying school, city, and state where scholarships are awarded and received.