The Dr. Claude A. Stanberry Scholarship

The Dr. Claude A. Stanberry Scholarship provides higher education financial assistance to the children of city communities and parents globally who face financial and social hardships. Dr. Claude A. Stanberry serves as president of Casire Foundation Corporation, the leading global student funding and support organization in Connecticut. Dr. Claude Stanberry is a co-founder of the Casire Foundation. For more than two decades, Dr. Claude Stanberry devoted himself to building a better life for student population across the world by empowering students with computer laboratory facilities and other resources for securing their creative advantage. His commitment and leadership led to groundbreaking support for students and their families. Dr. Claude Stanberry also conceived and led the successful effort to mobilize youths around creative and performing arts ventures, and constructed lasting and value-added programs for many communities - The Performing Arts Consortium, originating in Connecticut, USA.

To be eligible for the Dr. Claude A. Stanberry Scholarship, an applicant must be currently in or accepted in a university/college of higher learning, or a member of the The Performing Arts Consortium with at least 90% attendance at select meetings and whose name appears or is approved to appear on the Performing Arts Wall of Fame. Applicants must also be under 50 years of age at the application closing date and must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, or be in the final year of high school.

Each scholarship award amount is not greater than US$2,000.

Applications are accepted beginning in March of each year. Please click here to start your the application.