Resource for Empowerment (RE)_Grant

The Casire Foundation would like to ensure that financial hardship does not prevent anyone from achieving a college-level education. The Foundation has Resource for Empowerment (RE) Grants available to pay the tuition fees for individuals who demonstrate a financial hardship. View the grant application and see if you qualify.

Use Case

As philanthropists, we are committed to the empowerment of all people. In the war of morality, justice, and truism, our plausible tool of combat is not chariots and horses, nor violence and escalated anger, but making an impact at the seat of power through education. The various higher-education scholarships at CAsiRE Foundation Corporation ( ) ensure that well-intentioned and fair people of all colors get a chance at advancing their chances at legal leadership and decision-making. Often, it is at the decision-making level (individual or corporate) that sustained results and innovation (social, practical, behavioral, and cultural) are realized.