Who We Are

CAsiRE Foundation Corporation, its volunteers, and partners are committed to helping individuals, companies, and communities thrive in a changing world. We serve the diverse needs of a large number of individuals and families in several countries. Our services range from personal and group empowerment, tuition assistance, and grants, to programs that empower entire communities, and the most sophisticated scholarship programs offered to students attending regional and global higher educational institutions.

Founded in 2014 in Connecticut, USA, our growth has always been fueled by the success of our beneficiaries and partners and secured by an unshakable commitment to carefully and expertly provide a better quality of life for all.

That focus on doing what's right for our beneficiaries—short- and long-term—has made us a global educational assistance leader.

Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, we are purpose driven. Each of us is committed to being the best at understanding our customers' needs and all of us working together to deliver practical advice and relevant solutions that help our beneficiaries become empowered and self-sustaining.

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